Sean Dampte Live in Concert: Uproar as ticketing issues deter eager attendees

The just concluded Sean Dampte live in concert held at Terra Culture, Lagos, came with pomps and glamour amid ticketing issues.

Many fans complained of being unable to secure tickets at the gate due to the crowd situation.

However, the event was well attended with energetic performances from popular artistes and dancers such as 1da Banton, Soft, Magnito, Rayce, Don Jazzy’s dad also graced the event.

Meanwhile, the high point of the night was when the man of the moment, Sean Dampte, mounted the stage with his live band to unleash a brilliant performance. He left the audience stunned with many hit songs from his catalogue.

The event, which has been the talk of town for more reasons than the unforgettable experience courtesy of Sean Dampte has incurred an account of uproar from eager atendees who couldn’t access the concert venue as a result of the overwhelming crowd situation witnessed. While reports of ticketing issues lingered as the major cause of this happening, organizers of the event admit to underestimating the capacity of Sean’s audience in Nigeria.

On the brighter side, Sean Dampte who still basking in the euphoria of the success of the concert, has assured his fans that ‘Sean Dampte Live In Concert’ would come alive at Abuja, United Kingdom and many other locations at later dates with more effective measures that will rectify this sitaution and cater to a larger crowd.


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