2023 concerts begin: Sean Dampte ‘Live in Concert’ ablaze in flame of glory

Terra Kulture isn’t exactly O2 Arena, but yet it is a niche place that has its pomp and pride. That, Sean Dampte would pick the place for his concert on January 6, 2023, Sean Dampte Live in Concert tagged “ Hide Your Girl” must have been intentional with a lot of reasons and when the show set adrift it became clear the object of the night.

It was Dampte’s night, a long night, but it wasn’t all about him. He was the principal culprit but his act was heralded by several accomplices who eroded the minds of the crowd. Upcoming were most of them, but not without talent to set the mood for the night which was as exhilarating and it was electrifying.

Through the haze of the shimmering night accentuated by good vibes from the DJs and the host, Ilo, one by one, the almost forty thieves of Sean Dampte came on stage to rape, pillage and serenade the minds of the crowd.

After the flamy entrance, the man of the night arrested everyone with his repertoire of songs, some of which the crowd chorused along with him.He dished out many tracks from his Lagos Friday album with a lot of energy while his live band perfected it with their dexterity. Tracks like Tender Body, Agbada, 2nite and much later “Jejely” and many others rented the air to the delight of the crowd who appeared to be having a swell Friday night.

Of course, there was also plenty of sex in the air, not only by the slew of female singers that came on stage to strut their stuff but also the performers who spruced up the night with their sex appeals in bubbles and bums.

“What a bird eats, a bird flies with.’The Sean Dampte Live in concert’ has proven that music requires substance and again ‘Ariwo Ko Ni Music’ as we come back next year bigger and better,” the UK-based Nigerian singer summed up the night.

Nigerian-born Sean Dampte, formerly known as Dampte, was born as Oluwaseun Oluyole and he is an Afro-Pop artist based in the U.K.


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